The DRY-B-LO® Smooth Panel System™ uses interlocking metal Galvalume panels to create an attractive embossed metal ceiling system for your beautiful new outdoor living area.

Our panels are the thickest and highest quality panels in the industry. The 22 gauge Galvalume is stronger and lasts longer than the thin aluminum or plastic systems. 

The Smooth Panel System uses 3 inch side walls, which is double the panel height of most systems. This design allows for managing higher water volume during the occasional downpour and for greater strength to support heavy ice loads that quickly occur from the melting /re-freezing snow that can accumulate on top of the deck.

We currently offer 3 colors in our Smooth Panel System™:
-Pearl White
-Light Stone
-Dark Bronze

With our Smooth Panel System™, we offer design accessories such as recessed lights, fans, and porch swings listed under the ACCESSORIES tab.